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Evelyn's Midtown Kitchen Unveils Inspiring 2024 Cooking Class Schedule

Detroit, MI — January 7, 2024 —Evelyn's Midtown Kitchen, a premier destination for culinary education, is excited to announce its diverse and engaging cooking class schedule for 2024. Following the notable success of last year's initial classes, Chef Evelyn is eager to continue offering a broad spectrum of culinary experiences to the community.

About EMK’s Cooking Classes: At Evelyn's Midtown Kitchen, our approach to cooking is an immersive, hands-on experience. Our classes are designed for a range of abilities, ensuring that everyone from beginners to experienced cooks can find joy and learning in our kitchen. Participants can look forward to authentic recipes from various cuisines, expert guidance, and an interactive atmosphere that’s perfect for individuals, couples, corporate groups and families.

2024’s Exciting Offerings: This year, EMK’s schedule includes unique additions such as engaging kids' cooking camps during the summer, focusing on baking and international cuisines. Adults will find joy in our specially crafted summer classes that promise fun and enriching cooking experiences.

Highlights of the 2024 Schedule:

  • Date Night Classes: Explore the world's cuisines with your partner.

  • Winter Soups and Stews: Learn to create warm, comforting dishes.

  • Healthy Cooking Classes: Discover the art of nutritious and tasty meals.

  • Private Events and So Much More!

For a complete list of classes, please visit: Cooking Classes | EMK Culinary or our Eventbrite page: Evelyn's Midtown Kitchen Events | Eventbrite.

A Testimonial to Remember:

"My daughter-in-law and I attended the French Holiday cooking class at Evelyn’s Midtown Kitchen in November at the Eastern Market. It was a great bonding experience. We enjoyed the meal we prepared so much that we recreated it for our family's Christmas Eve dinner. This holiday was my son and daughter-in-law’s first Christmas as a married couple, and she wanted to prepare something memorable. The Coq Au Vin and the Au gratin potatoes were an excellent choice. We had just as much fun the second time around, and the dishes received rave reviews! 'Best chicken ever' is the comment we heard the most. We look forward to more culinary experiences at Evelyn’s Midtown Kitchen in the near future." - Nicole W., French Cooking Class, Nov 2023


Your Opinion Matters: Participate in our Cooking Class Preference Survey and share your thoughts. Receive a $5 discount on your next class when you provide your email. Take the brief survey here: Cooking Class Preference Survey

Contact Information: Chef Evelyn Chef/Owner Evelyn's Midtown Kitchen 

Join us at Evelyn’s Midtown Kitchen to embark on a culinary adventure, improve your cooking skills, and be part of our welcoming food community. We're excited to cook with you in 2024!

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